Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Online Revenue Strategy

I'm working on an exciting new project where I am being asked to develop the Web/Internet revenue strategy for a publication that serves the upscale boutique hotel market. They profile hotel interior designers and they also offer matching services where they connect buyers and suppliers within this industry. My job will be to develop the online revenue strategy and marketing aspects of their business plan and then implement the strategy once approved.

I think the model will focus on establishing a central revenue generating core and then utilize social media marketing, general online marketing (SEO/SEM), standalone Web properties and traditional media to build awareness and drive traffic to this revenue generating system.

Friday, June 22, 2007

On Starting Up

I recently started a new business with 3 other partners. Myself and two of the partners had worked together in a previous business and knew each other pretty well. We all thought our strengths and experiences complemented one another...but problems began almost immediately...

Make sure your partners are honest and in agreement. Private conversations that portend problems need to be brought to the attention of everyone.

Make sure you have capital in place, don't spend before you have good solid plan, revenue and agreements in place.

Meet regularly to share ideas and update everyone frequently